13-15 September 2018. Alicante, Spain

React Alicante

The international React.js conference in Spain

React Alicante 2018

Join our international conference about React and React Native in one of the sunniest cities in Europe. Ticket sales will open soon. You can buy your tickets, send a proposal to our CFP or become a sponsor.

21 International Speakers

Learn from some of the best front-end developers and speakers out there.

4 Introductory Workshops

Just starting? Join the Introduction to React and Introduction to React Native workshops. Very limited tickets!

350 Eager Attendees

Be one of them and enjoy a few days of learning, networking, sunbathing and fun.

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Do you want to learn about React and React Native?

Then you shouldn't miss React Alicante next September! You will have the opportunity to improve your developer skills and meet people from around the world, while enjoying the food and warm weather from the southeast coast of Spain.

On Thursday you will have the chance to join two introductory workshops to React and React Native. The conference itself will take place on Friday and Saturday, with 21 talks given by 21 great speakers. Get your tickets before it is too late!

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Our Speakers

We can't wait to learn from them!

Anna Gruber

Anna is code loving, agile adoring software engineer. She tries to work with everything web. For the last couple of years focused on Javascript and reactjs. She is trying to change the world of finances at Scalable Capital.

Ben Ilegbodu

Ben is a Christian, a husband and a father of 2, with a dozen years of experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Eventbrite with the Frontend Platform team, focused on improving the frontend infrastructure and design system. On the side, Ben also enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and blogging (benmvp.com) / tweeting (@benmvp) about his experiences with new web technologies.

Braulio Díez

Braulio Diez is a javascript developer (old hand coming from .net background), passionate about new front end technologies, and open source contributor. Cofounder of Lemoncode, Braulio is focused on building robust applications, and helping others to improve their skills.

Brent Vatne

Developer at Expo, core contributor to React Native, and project lead on React Navigation. Spare time is spent traveling and playing with #lucythetri.

Dominik Kundel

Dominik is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio in Berlin. He has a passion for JavaScript, hackathons, teaching and good whiskey. You will usually find him speaking at meetups and conferences, mentoring at hackathons and CoderDojos or work on open source projects.

Erik Rasmussen

American expat javascript developer in Spain, author of Redux Form and React Final Form.

Ferran Negre

Ferran is a Software Engineer specialized in building high quality applications using React and React Native. He is also a testing guy that is always checking if any project is using Jest & Flow. He also builds applications as a hobby. As a personal experience, he built Audio Profiles which has reached more than 100k downloads in the Google Play Store and it is still growing in popularity. At this point he works for Callstack in Poland where they are betting for React Native as a big game changer in our cross-platform mission. In his free time he learns Polish, goes to the gym and plays ping pong with his colleagues and as they usually say, he spends a big amount of time complaining about everything.

Flavio Corpa

Frontend Engineer. JavaScript and Functional Programming Enthusiast. OSS contributor in: React, Vue, Angular, Babel, Webpack, Styled Components and others!

Forbes Lindesay

Creator of pug, cabbie and ESDiscuss. In the past, Forbes has worked on large scale React applications at Facebook. He now gives talks and runs training workshops to pass his experience on to other people.

Gant Laborde

Gant Laborde is a software consultant, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. He volunteers as a mentor, an “open sourcerer”, and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. His React Native prowess is prevalent through blogs, videos, and maintainer status in popular repositories. Follow Gant’s adventures at http://gantlaborde.com

Henning Muszynski

Henning is a software engineer working for the remote-first company Doist. Doist is most famously known for their personal productivity app Todoist and most recently for their new approach to team communication with Twist. Henning spends most of his time tinkering on the web frontend of Twist. Apart from that he's interested in everything else around web development and AI.

Jared Palmer

Jared Palmer is the Engineering Lead at The Palmer Group where he builds software for companies, startups, and governments. He is author of open source libraries such as Formik, Razzle, After.js, React-fns, and Backpack. Based in NYC, Jared is also the organizer of the local ReasonML and Framer.js meetups.

José Manuel Lucas

I'm a Frontend developer and teacher from Murcia (Spain). I break and fix things.

Kamlesh Chandnani

Kamlesh is a Principal Frontend Engineer @TreeboHotels. He Co Organizes ReactJS Meetup Bangalore (India) . He co-hosts a youtube show named newsbundle.js. He is an Open Source Enthusiast and the one who gets obsessed by Web Performance. He is a tech writer at freeCodeCamp publication on medium.

Kaylie Kwon

Kaylie is a frontend engineer at Eventbrite from San Francisco, who loves all things devtools and open source.

Kristijan Ristovski

Teaching JavaScript and React at React Academy. Cares about open source, made custom-react-scripts and mobx-router. Launched sizzy.co and ok-google.io He had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of frameworks and libraries.

Manjula Dube

I am working as Senior Developer and have been obsessed with coding since I graduated out of college.I am public speaker discussing tech all time. I love to work with JavaScript and front end technologies like Angular, Backbone, React and exploring new frameworks and stacks all the time. I am also an organiser of Mumbai Women Coders Community India. I am also co organiser at Mumbai Javascript Meetup. When free I spend my time Open Sourcing and learning and experimenting new tech all the time. Want to learn React or Javascript? Get in touch with me.

Marco Cedaro

Marco Cedaro is a front end developer since able to grow a beard, father of two, meteoropathic and with an insane passion for bands with raspy lead vocals. In the web industry since the end of the first browser war, he started his career coding awful websites, which thanks to some god are nowhere to be found anymore on the Internet. He left Italy 5 years ago for London, where he’s currently moving pixels and ideas around for Crowdcube. Also he was proudly involved in the organisation of From the Front, arguably the main Italian web conference ended in 2016.

Nacho Martín

Nacho Martín is a developer, consultant and trainer at Limenius, company that he co-founded. He is an active open source contributor and is enjoying his work with <span class="collapse fade">React and React Native as if it was his first day in this profession. He has usually dreams in which he is programming, so he tries to do it well to avoid nightmares.

Olena Sovyn

Software engineer at Webflow. She loves React, Redux, lodash, React Storybook, and functional programming overall. Secret fan of CSS, Avengers and Harry Potter

Patrick Stapfer

Freelancer with a strong focus on code quality in JavaScript applications. Has been using static types in JS professionally since Flow's initial OSS release. Likes to talk about programming languages, compilers & ASTs. Now most of his OSS spare time is spent on the ReasonML ecosystem & the community.

Preeti Wadhwani

Preeti is a programmer at heart, with over 3+ years on mobile. She’s worked on multiple but Android remains her passion, with her experience allowing her to handle complete development cycles, and to go on and lead adjacent teams. When she isn’t glued to her code, Preeti can be found experimenting with gourmet or playing her guitar.

Raúl Gómez

Raul is a frontend software engineer working at Callstack, specialised in React and React Native. He is passionate about teaching in workshops, sharing knowledge in Medium and contributing to OSS. He is the creator of react-native-offline and recently he released his personal project, WondrGo, an Android and iOS application to make event discovery on big cities effortless.

Sara Vieira

Front-End Developer at @YLDio, open sorcerer, Blogger , Drummer and horror movie fan girl.

Tomasz Lakomy

Tomasz is a Senior Frontend Developer at OLX Group. Co-organiser of React Poznań Meetup and meet.js Poznań, JavaScript tinkerer who enjoys sharing his knowledge with other developers. His interests include VR, AR, React, app performance and making cheesiest jokes known to mankind.

Vladimir Novick

Software Architect, consultant, worldwide speaker, co-organizer of ReactJS Israel, Author of "React Native - Build mobile apps with JavaScript" book and several workshops and courses. He brings years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis Vladimir works in Web, Mobile, VR/AR and IoT fields both for customers and on personal projects. Previously he worked in Sports, Gaming & Video industries as Lead Architect & Team Leader

Take a peek at what is coming

Event Schedule 2018

Coming soon

Thursday 9:00 - 13:00 Forum A

Workshop: Introduction to React.js

Forbes Lindesay

This workshop will get you ready to start working on your first React app. It will include all the concepts you need to understand, including ES6, JSX, State Management and how to structure your components. Everything will be taught with examples for you to work through during the workshop, to ensure you have fully understood.
[Short coffee-break at 11:00]

Thursday 9:00 - 13:00 Forum A

Workshop: Getting Started with ReasonML & ReasonReact

Patrick Stapfer

ReasonML is a new cool JavaScript-like language with a strong type-system and first level React bindings. As with every new language, there comes a new ecosystem and unfamiliar concepts with it.
In this workshop, attendees will first of all learn how to setup and use ReasonML with React and find explanations on how to find relevant information for their coding problems (navigating the docs, leverage the community).
Later own they will discover the capabilities of the underlying JS-compiler platform called BuckleScript and see how Reason translates to JavaScript. They slowly will get introduced to the interoperability layer to be able to interact with existing JavaScript code and learn how the React component model works in practise.
In the end, ambitious attendees will be able to integrate Reason React components in their existing React codebase without interrupting the existing development workflows.
[Short coffee-break at 11:00]

Thursday 9:00 - 13:00 Forum A

“Minimally-painful” React-Redux testing Workshop

Ben Ilegbodu

Let’s be honest, no one* enjoys writing unit tests... especially for UI code. JavaScript frameworks traditionally have been heavily tied to the DOM. The only way we could test our components was to run unit tests within headless browsers, or resort to much slower end-to-end tests. However, React’s architecture separates the component hierarchy from the DOM, making it much easier to quickly test the user interactions of our components without needing a browser at all.
When Eventbrite’s Frontend Platform team introduced React to our stack in 2016, we also developed best practices for testing React applications. In this talk, we’ll learn some dos and don’ts Eventbrite uses for writing unit tests for React components, including those gnarly complicated cases. Testing probably still won’t be glamorous... but with these lessons it shouldn’t be painful either!
[Short coffee-break at 11:00]

Thursday 13:00 - 14:00 Main floor


Thursday 14:00 - 18:00 Forum A

Workshop: Introduction to React Native

Nacho Martín

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of React Native, understanding all the main concepts and discovering a new way of developing your mobile apps, taking profit of the philosophy "learn once, write anywhere". You will create your first React Native project and get ready to make the most of this technology.
[Short coffee-break at 16:00]

Thursday 14:00 - 18:00 Forum A

Workshop: Redux from zero to hero

Braulio Díez & The Lemoncoders

Once you have started programming with React, you realize that there is a flux implementation call Redux that is a game changer... It's time to learn about this! In this workshop we will learn the basics, where does it apply or not (beware of the overarchitecture), and some cool aids like sagas, observables, selectors...
[Short coffee-break at 16:00]

Thursday 14:00 - 18:00 Forum A

Workshop: A living design system with React Storybook

Jose Manuel Lucas

A Design System is a group of connected patterns that provides a shared language between different teams. An effective system also helps to reuse resources, techniques, and components, making more coherent and usable interfaces.
In this workshop, we're going to explore React Storybook, and we'll learn how to build a living, shared Design System with continuous integration.
The workshop is divided into 5 different parts:
1) Integrating Storybook in a React project.
2) React Storybook configuration options.
3) Creating stories.
4) Plugins and extras.
5) Q&A.
[Short coffee-break at 16:00]

Thursday 14:00 - 18:00 Forum A

Workshop: Advanced React Native

Ferran Negre & Raúl Gómez

In this workshop you will an app together with us. We will cover concepts such as fetching, navigation, internationalization (i18n), native bridge (we will write a native module for both Android and iOS), powerful animations, bundles, testing, etc. This workshop requires the attendee to be familiar with React Native (knowing how to create a basic app and style it). It would be good to have a Mac too (specially for iOS part).
[Short coffee-break at 16:00]

The Venue

Info coming soon.


Alicante's airport is one of the busiest in Spain, with flights from 119 different destinations. Alternatively, you could also fly to Valencia, taking a direct train from there to Alicante (90 min).

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