September 19 - 21, 2024. Alicante, Spain

React Alicante

The international React.js conference in Spain

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React Alicante 2024

Join our international conference about React and React Native in one of the sunniest cities in Europe. You can buy your tickets, send a proposal to our CFP or become a sponsor.

30 International Speakers

Learn from some of the best front-end developers and speakers out there.

8 Workshops

Do you want to boost your skills? This year we have 8 workshops covering different topics and levels.

600 In-Person + Remote

Be one of them and enjoy a few days of learning, networking, sunbathing and fun.

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Would you like to learn about React and React Native?

Then you shouldn't miss React Alicante next September! You will have the opportunity to improve your developer skills and meet people from around the world, while enjoying the food and warm weather from the southeast coast of Spain.

On Thursday you will have the chance to join two introductory workshops to React and React Native. The conference itself will take place on Friday and Saturday, with 30 talks given by 30 great speakers. Get your tickets before it is too late!

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Attendees (+ remote audience)

Our Speakers

Meet our first confirmed speakers

Keren Kenzi

Keren is a senior software developer with over a decade of experience in the industry. She holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and is passionate about React and learning new technologies. Keren volunteers as a program manager at Baot, a community that supports women in R&D in their professional growth. She instructs and inspires people to write blogs in her tech blogging workshops. Keren has experience as a dev community leader and a co-organizer of meetups and events. And in her not-so-spare time, she studies psychology. Her hobbies include drawing, photography, and singing.

Forbes Lindesay

Forbes maintains popular node.js projects such as @databases and Pug, and has been working on React applications for over 9 years.

Alena Nikolaeva

Alena Nikolaeva is an accessibility-first Frontend Engineer and Product Designer. She is focused on accessible and inclusive experiences on the web. Her experience is better described by her work at Typeform, Hanzo studio as a front-end engineer, Xata (where I've been leading the design team), and GitHub where as a part of the AI team responsible for admin experiences for GitHub Copilot.

Dillon Mulroy

I am software engineer at Vercel with a decade of experience working in the JavaScript and TypeScript ecosystem. I have worked on notable open source projects like Victory-Charts and spent the better part of 6 years consulting with Formidable, a leader in the ecosystem. I have recently begun exploring OCaml, ReasonML, and type-systems after tiring of the many foot-guns in TypeScript and searching for what could be better.

Aurora Walberg Scharff

Aurora Walberg Scharff is a full-stack cloud developer from Norway. She is skilled in multiple technologies and domains, such as React, Angular, .NET, and Azure, and has recently gained a great interest in web development specifically. She holds a bachelor's degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, with knowledge of engineering mathematics, robotics, algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture. After working for a couple of years at a financial technology startup, she continues developing as a consultant at Inmeta.

David Jensenius

David Jensenius is a Senior Engineer at GitHub working on Copilot, he has over 20 years of full stack development experience at GitHub, PlayStation, Shopify, and non-profit organiztions. Alena Nikolaeva is a designer working on Copilot at GitHub.

Evyatar Alush

Front End Engineer at Meta, passionate about Open Source and API design. Author of Vest validations framework.

Elian Van Cutsem

As part of the Astro core team, Elian works in the Developer Experience and Astro Studio Team. Specifically focussing on user experience, documentation and developer guidance. After hours, he organises and attends meetups. Known for his passion, puns and innovative approach for delivering exceptional user experiences, Elian brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity to his talks. Guaranteed fun on stage.

Kateryna Porshnieva

Kateryna is an engineer from Ukraine with 10+ years of experience in UI development and design. She is passionate about accessible web, design systems and making complex things simple. Apart from work, she is active in tech community, organises board game nights and is known as a coffee snob.

David Khourshid

David is a software engineer who loves playing piano and is passionate about animations, state machines, cutting-edge user interfaces, and open-source. Previously at Microsoft, he is now the founder of Stately, a startup focused on making even the most complex application logic visual and accessible to developers and non-developers alike.

Paulina Chojnowska

From translating legal and historical texts to translating business needs into code, Paulina has come a fascinating way into the world of React.js. She now leads a team of skilled full-stack and mobile developers and works herself mainly in Next.js but also other technologies. She is an open and optimistic person who believes good teamwork produces great code.

Kevin Maes

Kevin’s work over many years has involved software development, consulting, and engineering management at startups and large corporations in NYC. Most recently, he has been building Stately Studio as an engineer at He is passionate about creative coding, art, music, food, and travel, and currently resides in Spain with his family, enjoying as much of that as possible.


Kitze loves to rant about webdev. He is the founder of Sizzy - the browser for developers. He created React Academy to teach web development. He's the creator of Zero To Shipped - the interactive video course for mastering Fullstack Development. He's documenting his journey on YouTube, streams on Twitch, and has a blog that he maintains once in a blue moon. He made Benji (, Twizzle (, (, JSUI (, Glink (, showGPT ( etc.

Mark Erikson

Mark Erikson is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Replay, and lives in southwest Ohio, USA. Mark is a Redux maintainer, creator of Redux Toolkit, and general keeper of the Redux docs. He tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at He spends much of his time answering questions about React and Redux anywhere there's a comment box on the internet, and usually hangs out in the Reactiflux chat channels. Mark is also disturbed at the number of third-person references he has written in this bio.

Mattia Manzati

Mattia is a frontend developer passionate about frontend software architectures. A lover of TypeScript and React. My favourite hobby is to try out new and weird things in tech.

Erik Rasmussen

American expat living in Spain, author of Redux Form, Final Form, and currently building the best customer service bot for hardware products at Mavenoid. Hablo español.

Chance Strickland

Chance Strickland is a senior software engineer working at Replo. He previously worked on the Remix core team before and after its acquisition by Shopify, and he has spent years maintaining and shipping popular open source React libraries including Reach UI, Radix UI, and React Router.

This is what we learned in 2023

Event Schedule 2024

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The Venue

The conference will take place at Palacio de Congresos de Alicante, a modern conference hall that both the speakers and audience will love.
Here we have gathered information about some accommodation possibilities.


Alicante's airport is one of the busiest in Spain, with flights from 119 different destinations. Alternatively, you could also fly to Valencia, taking a direct train from there to Alicante (90 min.), or Madrid, taking the high-speed train to Alicante (2.5 hours).

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